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First Things First: Best Friends, Concerts & Celebrity Crushes

Posted on: January 28, 2013

First Things FirstIs it really Monday already?  The weekend goes by much too fast as I am sure a lot of you can agree.  But with Monday comes another edition of First Things First with Halie and Hallie.  This week we will cover my first best friend, first concert, and first celebrity crush.

First best friend…

I had a rocky time in elementary school so my first best time didn’t come until middle school.  Sarah was my best friend for about 4 years.  High school came and we were okay our freshman year but after that we drifted apart.  Her decisions and actions didn’t sit well with me.  She was manipulative and wanted her way or no way.  But for my middle school years she was what I needed.  I’m the kind of girl who is super close with one other person and then every one else is just a friend.  I went through the rest of high school just being part of a larger group but not really holding on to one person more closely than the others until my friend Lacy.  We too have since gone our separate ways and I now have Chelsea.

First concert…

The first concert I remember was seeing Toby Keith at the Wisconsin Valley Fair one summer with my mom and brother.  I don’t have a lot of memories of the concert as I was pretty young (think single digits or very low double digits).

First celebrity crush…

The first celebrity I can remember crushing on was probably Patrick Swayze after seeing him in Dirty Dancing, Tom Cruise after seeing him in Top Gun, or Kevin Bacon after seeing him in Footloose.  Or maybe all three? 😉  I saw all of these movies when I was in 5th grade probably.

Talk to me…

Tell me about one of your firsts from this week.


4 Responses to "First Things First: Best Friends, Concerts & Celebrity Crushes"

WOW, You can never forget your firsts. They are always special and will stay up up in your heart. I remember my first crush to be Pierce Brosnan when i first saw his James bond movie!!!

Toby Keith was one of my first concerts too! And my first crush was Thomas Ian Nicholas from Rookie of the Year 🙂

Is it bad that I have not seen Rookie of the Year? No idea who you’re talking about there lol.

[…] I posted about my first best friend, first concert, and first celebrity crushes.  You can read about it here. […]

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