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Boy do I ever stink at updating my blog on a regular basis.  Goes hand-in-hand with my consistent workouts unfortunately.  I’m working on both though!

Last Monday I did the first workout of Spark’s 8-week Rooking Running Program.  Sadly, I let myself down by not working out again the rest of the week.  I had every intention of working out on Thursday but when my poor morning routine led me to not actually getting up until 7:45, 15 minutes before I need to be at work, I had no time to put together a gym bag.  Shame on me for not having this done the night before.  Thanks for that procrastination.

I have very little ambition to workout at home so even though I have plenty of space to do so I didn’t.  Something else I need to work on!

This morning was the exact opposite of last Thursday which I am stoked about because it felt amazing to have time to prepare breakfast, lunch and two snacks, eat breakfast, log all of the food I planned to eat up until dinner, flip the laundry from the washer to the dryer, get myself ready for work, and still have time to watch a 30-minute episode of something on the DVR before needing to leave at my regular time.  (< Longest sentence ever because I got so much accomplished this morning before work?  I’ll take it!)

Oh yeah!  I forgot to say I packed my gym bag.  I’ll be hitting the gym after work for another workout from week 1 of my rookie running plan.  Since it’s been a week since that first workout I’m just going to start over with day one and work my butt off to get the three running workouts in this week that I need to actually move on to week two.

I definitely need to do a better post about this training program I’m doing and what I’m training for.  I also have some other things I need to blog about; concerts, friends moving to the East Coast, weight loss, and how my last semester of school is going.  So, be on the look-out for those posts!  I’m going to do my best to update this a little more regularly.


Even though I didn’t get a post up yesterday I still did something.  Be sure to check out my About Amy page.  It may need a few tweaks here and there once I have a chance to sit down at home and work on it but for the most part it’s good to go.

Wednesday when I did my first ever Weight Loss Wednesday post I mentioned the awesome online weight loss community Sparkpeople.  I wanted to take some time today to tell you a little bit more about why it’s awesome.

First, it’s free.  Yea, that’s right FREE!  It doesn’t get much better than that.

Next on the reasons why Sparkpeople is awesome would have to be the support.  If you are looking for support and become active on a team or by just reaching out to members you will find it here!  I’ve made two friends that I would now consider “real life” friends even though we have never met yet.  We support each other on more than just weight loss now but everything.  I am so grateful to Spark for bringing these two lovely ladies into my life.  One of them being Lex!

Another reason Sparkpeople is awesome is the trackers for both food and activity.  When you sign up for Spark you answers some questions which help generate your nutrition ranges (calories, protein, carbs, etc.).  Tracking your nutrition and activity can help find flaws in what you’re doing that is hurting your progress instead of helping.  It also helps when you can really see the minutes you spend on fitness.  There are many benefits to tracking so when Spark makes it so easy to do it’s a definite plus.

Not only does Spark offer a community to reach out to for support and the trackers but it has a wealth of articles so you can educate yourself!  Some topics are learning what to look for on nutrition lables, how to make goals, and explanations on what something is (like Pilates, Yoga, etc).  Educating yourself about how to lead a healthier lifestyle will help you make those changes that will last you a lifetime.

I highly suggest checking Sparkpeople out.  If you check it out and decide to join but then after using it for a while decide it’s not for you then it’s no sweat off your back as it was free to sign up and it’s easy to deactivate your account.  You can always come back to it too because IT’S FREE!  Can you tell how impressed I am that Spark is free?

Spark is just one of the tools in my belt to help me along my weight loss journey.  I cannot say enough good things about it, obviously.



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