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Start Date: 1/3/13

Today’s Date: 1/30/13

Weight Lost/Gained This Week: -1.6

Total Weight Loss For January: 2

Overall Total Weight Loss: 4

I’m not doing my normal weight loss Wednesday format (successes, struggles, lessons learned, goals) because this morning I had quite the conversation with Lex regarding my weight loss.  It really got my wheels turning so what I want to say about my weight loss won’t fit into my standard form.  Not sure when I will get this post up but hopefully soon.

But I do have to say I am happy I saw a loss this morning.  And I’m happy to have a 2 pound loss for January.  That’s half of the goal I had set for the month.

Here’s to making February my month, kicking ass and taking names on this weight loss journey!


Start Date: 1/3/13

Today’s Date: 1/23/13

Weight Lost/Gained This Week: -0.2

Total Weight Loss: 0.4 (2.6 including weight lost prior to 1/3/13)

Week Successes: During the work week (M-F) I have been doing extremely well with only drinking one 12 oz. can of Pepsi Next (60 calories and less sodium) rather than a can of Mountain Dew.  I am still getting my daily dose of caffeine but with fewer calories and sodium (one can of Mt. Dew is 170 calories).  I think this is a definite plus to my diet plan.

Week StrugglesWeekends, you are not my friend!  I drank Mountain Dew like it was going to never be around again.  Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but I did have 1-3 a day.  Hangs head in shame.  Weekends are just too lax for me and I do whatever I want.  Doesn’t make sense for someone who wants to lose weight right?  But all I can say is bad habits are hard to break.

Lessons Learned: Saying you want it is not enough, I have to actually behave like I want it.  Isn’t there the saying actions speak louder than words?  Yeah, that is exactly what I need to remember.  Saying I want to lose weight, or that I am trying to lose weight does not speak near as loudly as drinking 64 oz. of water every day, not drinking Mountain Dew (or limiting it to one), and then keeping this all up on the weekend.  It is time to get my actions in gear so that they are going along with what I am saying.

Goals for Next Week: Workout twice for 30 minutes.  Just saying “work on being more active” is not getting me any where so I’m thinking a more concrete goal to work towards will be helpful.  And I also want to drink 48 oz. of water a day.  Lately I have been doing well with the drinking 24 oz. a day so I want to bump that up a bit.

Talk to me…

What was your struggle, success or lesson learned this week? (Weight loss related or whatever you choose.)

Start Date: 1/3/13

Today’s Date: 1/16/13

Weight Lost/Gained This Week: +0.7

Total Weight Loss: 0.2

Week Successes: I have been doing an excellent job of eating breakfast and tracking it (using MyFitnessPal).  Breakfast is such an important meal and I am making sure I eat it every day, something to be proud of considering I didn’t always eat breakfast.  I seemed to think in high school that it was okay to not eat breakfast and just drink a Mountain Dew.  Even in college I sometimes didn’t eat breakfast.  Because of my hours at work (10a-6p) I have plenty of time to make and eat breakfast every morning.  And you know what?  I am loving it!  I feel better when I eat breakfast and it leads to better decisions during the day.

Week Struggles: I am still struggling with getting back to the gym (or being active period).  I am really enjoying the time in the morning to read blogs, make sure everything is okay with my own, and just be a bum in bed.  If I want to continue doing that I can just set my alarm a little earlier or I can just do all of my blog work at night/on the weekend because let’s be honest here, I LOVE sleeping in later.

Lessons Learned: Dinner and desserts do matter!  Not that I am contributing all of my weight gain this week to the dinner and dessert I had last night before bed but it certainly was part of it (along with not working out).  I am doing really well making good choices for breakfast and lunch (because I am in charge of it) but once dinner rolls around I’m not the one cooking or even deciding what to make.  I always think this whole weight loss thing would be easier if I lived on my own.  But honestly I cannot wait to be living on my own to lose this weight.  And guess what?  I am in charge of what goes into my mouth!  I can do a better job managing my portion sizes and saying no to desserts (not always but most of the time).

Goals for Next Week: I am going to carry over my goal from last week since I didn’t really make any progress on it, be more active!  Whether it is walking Bo after dinner or hitting the gym in the morning before work I need to be more active.  My job is really sedentary so I have to rely on workouts to burn calories.

Talk to me…

What was your struggle, success or lesson learned this week? (Weight loss related or whatever you choose.)



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